As the gradient trend prevails in the logo design, the UI starts to use the gradient. But how should we design with gradients? Do we just put the same spectrum to the text, buttons, or boxes? First, let’s have a look at how the existing brands are dealing with it.

Spectral color

If I have to summarize what problem Google Calendar is trying to solve in one sentence, I would say that it tries to solve the problem that people can’t track and manage their schedules.

That general problem can break down into smaller problems:

  • Scheduling with others is hard.
  • Sometimes people…

Here is a reflection on why so many startups fail from being the one doing it and see people doing it.

As my startup studio venture went through several iterations, it raises the question of whether it is good enough to go. …

If you have made a digital product in a design or coding class, you’ve probably heard of instructors telling you “it should be as simple as possible”, “That is a screen creep”, “your app should only do one thing”. However, if you have a chance to work on the real…

When talking about mentorship, there are three types of it: mentorship, coach-ship, and sponsorship.

Mentorship: This is usually a long-term relationship that Mentors support, guide, help mentees. Sometimes, mentors are mentees as well. It’s just a relationship you get inspired, informed, and supported. To benefit from mentorship, you need to…

In the past week, I have interviewed different people to get to know people’s attitude towards life coach. My team and I have talked to technical professionals, law professionals, artists, designers, educators, writers and students. It seems there is a great misalignment between people who are seeking for coach and…

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From the past weeks, our team has interviews with various people, including industrial professionals, life coaches and potential users. From the interviews, we found following points that are important to many people:

  1. Most people have no idea what is the difference between life coach and therapy
  2. It is important and hard to find someone whom they can connect to. The elements affect the connection are: cultural background, race, level of hardship the person has been through, life experience, occupation, education, age, social status, mindset, personality.
  3. In person is the most effective interactivity among calling, video chatting and texting. Lots of users require at least once face to face experience to build the connection.
  4. None of the important suggestion, decisions should be made through text.

I will draw myself as a technical designer fascinated with how technology impacts human. That fondness brought me to Cornell Tech studying interesting subjects with a group of talented people.

My team’s name is Alwa Health. We seek to make disruptive innovations in the mental health industry for millennials. …

Isabella Wang

I am a digital product maker who designs, codes , and iterates based on research outcome. Get to know me:

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